Everything around us that we have created was first come in our mind as a thought and then got manifested in the outside world. Basically, all the good things present around us and all the bad things that we can see are the creations of our mind. So in order to create something good we first learn to imagine good in our mind. If we try to create something that we haven’t imagined, it can be accidental and dangerous. Perhaps that’s why they say, Imagination is the key to create something great and beautiful.

Similarly, if we want to have a good future, the first thing we should do is to imagine it in our mind. We have to understand that our present is the result of the things we have done or the decisions we have taken in our past and our future will be the result of the things that we are doing or the decisions we are taking. In simple words, we have already constructed our present and we are constructing our future every single day.

Let’s understand it with a story, One day a man was simply walking in the road. Suddenly he was in heaven and continued his walk. After walking for an hour, he became tired and thought of resting somewhere. Near him, he saw a huge tree under which there was cushiony grass was present. He thought of resting there and slept. After a few hours, when he was properly rested, he realized that he is hungry and thought of eating something. In a matter of seconds, all the things that he ever wanted to eat came in front of him. Because of hunger, he didn’t think about this magical arrival of food and he ate the food. After eating the food, he thought of drinking something and all the nice things that he ever wanted to drink came in front of him. Again he didn’t think of this magical arrival of drinks and he drank them. Now with a little bit alcohol in his system, several thoughts started attacking his mind. He started thinking, how it can be possible, there must be a ghost here who is doing all these stuff and in a matter of seconds, the ghost came. He imagined that the ghost will torture him and the ghost started haunting him. He thought that the ghost will kill him and it happened.

The tree, below which the man was sitting, was a wishing tree. He thought of food and drink as a result food and drink came. He thought of a ghost, it also came. He thought of torture and he was tortured. He thought of death and he died. Wishing tree is known to fulfill all of your desires.

Now After reading this, if you go to find a wishing tree outside, you will get nothing. If you really want a wishing tree, it is in you. It is your mind which can be transformed into a wishing tree. A stable mind, a mind which is in the extreme state of concentration or focus can work as a wishing tree. With this kind of stability of your mind, everything which you imagine tends to happen in this physical world. Meditation is a great thing to start with in order to achieve a stable and powerful mind.